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Mixing System

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BioHub® MIX Single-use Desktop Mixing System

Suitable for 560 mL to 22 L mixing appications. 

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The BioHub® Series Single-use Desktop Mixing System works through a magnetic coupling motor to drive the single-use stirring paddles in the mixing bag to rotate, and is equipped with physical shaft  seals. This system is safe, reliable, stable and efficient. Working together with a stainless steel bin, it can meet liquid-liquid mixing and solid-liquid mixing needs, and suitable for various small-volume mixing applications, such as medium preparation, buffer preparation, intermediate mixing, semi-finished product mixing, and final pharmaceutical product mixing.  


The mixing system consists of a stainless steel bin, a control system, a magnetic mixing motor, and a  single-use mixer bag. The modular design allows for flexible combinations of different functions on  demand, such as mixing, weighing, feedback-controlled temperature monitoring, pH, and conductivity, while supporting high levels of customization to the complex needs of customers. The system also  provides three-level permissions and data export to meet the data integrity needs of pharmaceutical  customers



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