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Storage Bag/Bottle

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NovaLinX™ RNase Free Disposable Consumables

100% RNase/DNase inspection and release of products and customer verification

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mRNA, a new generation technology platform that is expected to change traditional ways of vaccines and monoclonal antibodies development and manufacturing. Due to its short R&D cycle, simple production process, strong immunogenicity and high safety, mRNA has the potential to be widely applied in various fields such as vaccines for infectious diseases, tumor immunology and recombinant protein. Ribonucleases (RNase), a class of nucleic acid hydrolases that are widely found in animals and plants. Due to its "ubiquitous" nature, it is necessary to take multiple and complex clean-ups to eliminate the effects of RNase in the mRNA production process, which greatly reduces the production efficiency. Meanwhile, the process validation and verification of RNase removal are also timeconsuming and labor-intensive. Therefore, RNase-Free disposable consumables are highly welcomed by mRNA manufacturers using single-use bioprocess technology for production. In addition, RNase level within those consumables shall be inspected before release and can be verified post-use without damage.


As a supplier of bioprocess disposable equipment and consumables for bio-processing, Bio-Link has launched an innovative design of RNase-free bioprocess disposable consumables for the first time with 100% RNase/DNase inspection and release of products and customer verification. The company has been working with biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate the application of disposable biotechnology products in mRNA R&D and production.

• Master bag + Innovative design of double satellite bags (enabling RNase-/DNase-free bags 100%

individual inspection)

• Identical material / production environment of master bag and satellite bag

• Satellite bag -1 (QC Release) For RNase inspection prior to product release

• Satellite bag -2 (Customer Verification) For customer verification test before/after use

• Different sizes / models of bioprocess disposable products (Mixing bags + Bioreactor bags +

cellbag, etc.) • High standard production environment control and monthly RNase monitoring


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